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Sculptor Portfolios

Portfolios are available for viewing for all membership classes. We are proud to represent a wide variety of fine artists with unique skills and individual styles. Each artist may be contacted directly through the Email link on their portfolio page if you wish to discuss a potential commission project with them.



Professional sculptor portfolio pages will include several images, artist statement and brief biographgy, and links to a website and a CV. Contact information is optional. Current members from North and South America include:


Stuart Williamson Heidi Maiers Heidi Maiers Blake Ketchum Blake Ketchum Joel Levinson
Howard Taikeff Leonid Lerman Antonio Tobias Mendez Angela Cunningham
Suanne Martin Bruce Wolfe Nixon Cordova Jeffrey Zygmunt
David Rogers Susan Clinard Daniel Altshuler Mardie Rees
Michael Alfano Marc Mellon Lynn Christopher Jay Hall Carpenter
Mark Porter Amy Kann Alicia Ponzio Martin Dawe
Kim Bernadas Steve Gibson Richard Becker Steven Whyte
Mario Pitanguy Carlos Benavidez Cicero Davila Lauren Mills
Wesley Wofford Linda West Douglas White Jay Warren
Nijel Binns Njel Binns Edd Hays Edd Hayes Michael Keropian Michael Keropian MiriamBaker Miriam Baker
Lori Shorin Lori Shorin Chris Collins Chris Collins Thomas Durham Thomas Durham  



International sculptors are welcome as members in full standing. Current International members include:


Mark Richards - UK Karen Newman - UK Neal French - UK Martin Jennings- UK
Hiro Kawabata - Japan Shangxi Zhu - China Alex Kolozsy - Australia Jane Hamilton - UK
Liviu Sandu- Romania      



The Affiliate member is a welcome part of the portrait sculpture community, and is an artist currently pursuing sculpture where the human form, countenance or condition is the main focus, but not necessarily expressed in the traditional manner. The Affiliate listings include one image (thumbnail and large detail), artist name, linked to website.


View Affiliate Members
Jenny Page Alicia Trepp Olinka Broadfoot  
John Fisher Linda West Deran Wright  




Youth sculptor portfolios are for artists under 18 years of age. The Youth listing includes one image (thumbnail and large detail), first name and last initial, and age at time of sculpting. No contact information will be posted. An email address is required for internal correspondence only.


View Youth Members
Mo Jackie    





Educator portfolio pages will include several images of work, statement of teaching approach, and links to a website and a CV. Contact information is optional.




Friends of the PSSA who are collectors may share their collections through a link or a gallery page on our site.


Debra Schwartz, Production Manager, Manhatten

Diego Bustillos, Caracas Venezuela

Ivan & Elliot Schwartz, Studio EIS, New York, NY

Leonardo Wild, Writer, Film-maker, Inventor

Dixie Forsyth, Missouri