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August 2011


Dear Friends,


The Society began with a flourish and we quickly gathered the core of our membership which you all are.
This was followed by a lull in applications partly due to ourselves not being able to give as much attention as we would have liked due to personal and professional commitments.


In fact Blake has decided to stand down in an active capacity for the moment, but has been replaced by Joel Levinson who has continued to search enthusiastically for possible members in the background since the beginning. He is now doing the same thing but in an official capacity which Heidi and I are very appreciative of.


We have also showcased the Society on Facebook which has already created a lot of positive interest from other artists and the public in general. Each of you has one image of your work and your name at the bottom. If anyone would prefer a different image please let me know and I'll change it straight away.


You can view the work of our 2 most recent members Jeffery Zygmunt and Mardie Rees in 'portfolios' and shortly you will be able to see the work of 2 more, Lynn Christopher and Michael Alfano.


In our Feature Artists section you will also be able to see the the work and comments of Hironori Kawabata, a world renowned portrait sculptor from Japan. This area will continue to be developed as an online library and suggestions for this section and possible members will be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for your continued interest and support


Stuart Williamson
Heidi Maiers
Joel Levinson