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New memberships are not currently being considered for addition to this site.



Membership Fees

An annual membership donation will be required to be listed on this website. As a new organization we are working towards the establishment of official registration as a Non-Profit Organization.  

Feature Image

In the company of sculptor Jo Davidson and journalist Ernie Pyle, Helen Keller studies with her fingers the surfaces of Davidson’s bust of Pyle, 1944. From Eisenstaedt: Remembrances


Membership fees are to cover operational and promotional costs of the association and will be payable through a PayPal donation button that we will provide at a later time in an Acceptance email after reviewing your submission. Member portfolios are displayed anc addessible through the site's Portfolios page. The membership levels include the following:


Membership Level - <Number of images: Membership fee: Optional information>


P.PSSA - Professional level includes 6 images: $50 : link to website, Bio and CV, email
E.PSSA -  Educator level includes 3 images: $30 : name linked to website
Af.PSSA - Affiliate level includes 1 image : $20 : name linked to website
Y.PSSA - Youth (under 18) level includes 1 image : $5 : name and age
I.PSSA - International level includes 6 images: $50 : link to website, Bio and CV, email
F.PSSA - Friend level does not include images : $ ($40 minimum) : Name listed, link to website and/or collection


All memberships include access to all information posted on this site and access to all parts of the Portrait Sculpture Forum (upon registration). In addition, members may submit articles of interest, upcoming workshops or educational material available, and any news worthy information to be added to the site's resource pages and quarterly newsletter.


Although all submissions are reviewed, this does not guarantee membership at the requested level. Membership levels will be offered on a case by case basis after we have reviewed your submission and have come to a consensus.