Artists Past & Present

Stuart Williamson



English Victorian seaside towns, and the hard-working mining communities of the beautiful N Yorkshire Moors were my beginnings and I realize, a perfect setting. A supportive and encouraging family made up for a limited art education and was enough to nourish a desire for creativity from early days.


It took many years before I discovered portrait sculpture, and a lot more to really begin to gain an understanding of it. I eventually became a sculptor for Madame Tussauds and I was extremely fortunate to work with some extraordinary and inspirational portrait sculptors.


I lived in London for 30 years.


I've worked with a Brooklyn based studio for 14 years and together we've created statues and sculpted portraits of many famous Americans for well-known Institutions.


Developing a method based on an understanding of structure, form and human anatomy, I eventually accepted a post teaching sculpture to adults at Kensinton Chelsea College in London, and I've recently published a DVD set on portrait sculpture, 'From the Inside Out'.


Whenever I start a new portrait, I feel like I'm embarking on a journey. I spend a lot of time in preparation, of my workspace and reference material. The development of a human countenance as it unfolds physically and psychologically can be all consuming. The final stages happen rather than are planned in any way, and at best if I've followed my intuition closely, the work will have something more than just a likeness.


For many years I have enjoyed being a member of 2 British societies, one devoted entirely to Portrait Sculpture and I've often wondered at there not being an Institution that properly represents this magnificent and ancient art form in the Americas.


I am very glad, together with my co-founders, finally to be able to offer this new resource, The Portrait Sculptors Society of the Americas.


Stuart Williamson