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Steven Whyte



I am primarily a sculptor of people. A historian, recording a likeness and creating characters of yesterday's community and today's society for tomorrow's viewer. I manipulate clay to found into bronze for consideration by an audience in home, street and gallery." Steven Whyte


Each time sculptor Steven Whyte works with clay his goal is to produce work with distinct personality, spirit and vitality.


Born in England, Whyte studied at the prestigious Sir Henry Doulton School of Sculpture, where his sensitivity and marked talent for detail served as a catalyst for a remarkable career in portrait sculpture. His subjects include: The Lord Bishop of Litchfield; The Earl of Stockton; the Speaker of the House of Commons; Sir John Harvey Jones and football legend John David Crowe. Considered a master of depicting nuances of expression, the artist’s portraits communicate character beyond physical detail and leave sitters with a reflection of their true selves. The sculptor’s accomplishments in the field were recognized when he was elected Vice President of the Society of Portrait Sculptor, where he served alongside the sculptor to Britain’s Royal Family.


Whyte’s accomplishments as a portrait sculptor have made him sought after for public memorials and installations both in England and throughout the United States with subjects ranging from local miners, to soldiers and fire fighters. He is credited with more than ten major monuments in Britain and the United States including The Silverdale Mining Memorial; The Lance Sergeant Jack Baskeyfield VC Tribute; The Spirit of 1948; the Dr. John Roberts Monument; the sixteen figure-multi-million dollar National Military Tribute to Bob Hope for San Diego; two over life-size monuments to Dr. Martin Luther King, and a twice life size portrait figure of 1957 Heisman Trophy Winner John David Crow for Texas A&M at College Station. In May 2011, the San Diego Police Department unveiled Whyte’s four figure tribute to the fallen deputies of the police department.


Whyte’s edition work features the drama and evocativeness of his monuments combined with a more personal point of view. Working exclusively with live models, his work boasts an anatomical accuracy that gives each piece depth and authenticity without distracting from the sculpture’s distinct emotional character. He plays with texture and form to produce work with a classical reference made modern and engaging.


Whyte works in an open studio gallery in the historic artist community of Carmel California. His work is featured in the studio’s adjoining gallery and at the Winter’s Gallery in Big Sur.


Though classically trained in the traditional methodology of figurative sculpture, Steven Whyte's work holds an expressive presence and inherent personality that reaches beyond the limits of technical mastery. His work represents more than finite physical images and instead exists as a catalyst for discussion and interpretation, challenging each viewer for introduction and analysis.






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