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Michael Alfano



For over fifteen years, Michael Alfano has been sculpting portraits, monuments and other public art, as well as collectible fine art. His work is figurative-based, and often surreal, philosophical, and evocative. A native of New York, Michael now lives and works in Hopkinton, Massachusetts with his wife and children.
Michael cites his major influences as Jo Davidson, Jean-Antione Houdon, and Salvador Dali, as well as Buddhist, Taoist, Sufi, and other eastern philosophy and literature.


Galleries and Collections

Michael exhibits throughout the United States including at galleries in Provincetown, Boston’s
Newbury Street, the Berkshires, New York City, and along the east coast. Private collections from
around the world include his limited editions, such as Peace Offering in the Buhl Collection.

Awards and Honors

Michael has won over 50 awards at art shows, including the Cambridge Art Association’s “Sculptor of
the Year,” as juried by the Boston Globe art critic. He was named a fellow of the American Artists
Professional League and was selected as a portrait artist by the Copley Society in Boston. His
sculpture is featured in 100 Artists of New England.


Michael first studied at the Art Students League of New York, with an emphasis on life-size sculpture
from the model. His formal education continued at Boston University and was augmented by
internships with several prominent sculptors. He continues studying in master classes, and occasionally
teaches portrait sculpture.




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