Artists Past & Present

Lori Shorin




Lori grew up embracing different cultures having grown up in New York and Belgium, and more recently has lived in Italy and Greece.



Currently in the US, she is creating multi-figure sculptural compositions influenced by her time in Italy, travels around India and the Spiritual teaching of the Self Realization Fellowship. The teaching promotes the unity of all religions through meditation.



“I’m interested in where science, metaphysics and religion, meet, observe, listen, and interact with each other, especially where the alchemy mixes in a way that cultivates peace. I’m inspired to translate these concepts into works of art with a goal of promoting world harmony through the beauty of the human form.”



Lori now resides and maintains a studio in the New York area and teaches undergraduate students at The School of Visual Art in New York City. She studied for four years at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, earned an MFA from the University of Pennsylvania and BFA from the State University of New York of Binghamton.