Artists Past & Present

Linda West



The artist of these works Linda West, has always held a creative eye. Since the beginning her career in interior decorating, she completed a vast array of sketch work on the side before she was presented with her crossroads over 12 years ago. This crossroads came in the simple form of an invitation to sculpt Santa-themed art dolls during Christmas time. This led to the discovery of her new life's passion of sculpting. Since the beginning she has developed a portfolio of these art dolls, to bas reliefs, to figurative sculptures and most recently has been studying portrait sculptures and casting bronzes. Linda studies frequently in art institutions in Seattle, WA and Scottsdale, Arizona. Not to mention 3 different times she has taken trips to live in France and Italy for over a month each time to attend courses where she got to study the works of the historical masters such as Michelangelo that once released their beautiful art into those ancient cities.



"In every individual piece of art I sculpt I strive to enrich the work by capturing the essence of each model used. Yet my goal is not only to reflect the likeness of every being I work with, but also to achieve a level of recognizable artistic expression".


Linda West