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Lauren Mills




Lauren A. Mills has won national acclaim as a sculptor, painter, and earlier, for her career as a book author and illustrator. Her work has exhibited in galleries, libraries, and museums across the country including at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, where she was the keynote speaker, Lyman Allen Art Museum, Radcliff College, Barnum Museum, and the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts. Her sculpture, “Legacy” is installed at the Heritage Park Trail, Lake Winona, Indiana and “Ebenezer Reflecting” is in the permanent collection at the Salmagundi Club in NYC. Lauren Mills is an elected member of the National Sculpture Society, the National Sculptors’ Guild, the Salmagundi Club, and the Western Massachusetts Society of Illustrators. Mills was invited to participate in the 8th exhibition of the Florence Biennale in Florence, Italy.


Recent acclaim for her portraiture work in sculpture include first place from: the Portrait Society of America Member’s Showcase, Allied Artists of America, and the National Academic Artists Association and the Salmagundi Club. Mills has also received awards from the Art Renewal Center International Salon Exhibitions, National Sculpture Society Exhibitions, American Women Artists, and Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists where she also won “People’s Choice Award”.


After receiving a BA and MA (Painting and Illustration) in Art in California, Lauren Mills studied classical sculpture primarily at the Lyme Academy of Fine Art in Connecticut.


Lauren Mills’ sculpture has appeared in Southwest Art Magazine, American Artist, American Art Collector, and International Artist. The Columbine Gallery in Loveland, Colorado and the Marshall LeKae Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona represent Lauren Mills.


Artist Statement

“I am fascinated by the expressions of the human face, the language of the body, and the stories they tell. Each portrait I see as a story, and it is the beautiful mystery of the untold story each subject keeps hidden away that continually feeds my passion to create.


I believe art is meant to be beautiful, to illicit compassion or to lift the spirit. Our surroundings should be filled with such art, and in every endeavor we undertake we ought to do it as artfully and beautifully as possible, considering the generations to come."