Artists Past & Present

Heidi Maiers



Born 1960 in Lancaster, California (the last child of 8), I now reside in Arizona. I have been creating portrait sculpture ever since I can remember, as a favorite pastime, which later turned into a part-time career (my full-time career is in the field of sofware development). I received a bachelor of fine arts from the University of Oregon in 1980 and have since studied with such renowned sculptors as John Coleman, Eugene Daub, and Tuck Langlund at the Scottsdale Artists School.


As a "by commission only" custom portrait sculptor, I have created one-of-a-kind portrait busts for private clients worldwide. Currently under contract with Ripley's Entertainment in Orlando.


I enjoy experimenting with different casting materials and methods, including making my own molds and experimenting with an array of patina applications. In 2003 I authored and published an instruction book "Portrait Sculpture Simplified" that details everything I had learned (mostly through trial and error) up to that point.


I also founded and run a free forum for portrait sculptors, which contains a wealth of contributed knowledge from some very skilled and helpful artistic souls.


I am very happy to be part of this new association and hope that it will make a positive impact on the re-invigoration of fine portrait sculpture in North and South America.



Artist Statement

I am fascinated with the human face. Of the millions in this world, no two are alike. While most have only one nose, two eyes, two ears, and a set of lips – the variation of composite results never ceases to amaze me. Although society may dictate what makes one face more beautiful than the next, I see all faces as temporary works of art and relish creating likenesses that will last indefinitely.


I have enjoyed working with clay my entire life and while each type of clay comes with its own set of characteristics and working methods, the final outcome is consistently rewarding. Out of the clay emerges a silent and peaceful companion who soon finds a welcome place in the homes and hearts of others.

Heidi Maiers