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Carlos Benavidez



Carlos A. Benavidez was born in Cordoba Capital on april 8, 1965.


He graduated from the Provincial School of Arts”Figueroa Alcorta”.
He also studied two years at the school of Architecture of the National University of Córdoba.


He lives in Cordoba, Argentina where he has worked since 2002. He created many works for private art collectors from Argentina, United States, Spain, United Kingdooms, Germany, Slovakia, and Italy.


He was invited to participate in “Arte Clasica 2006”(Buenos Aires, Argentina) where 50 artists took a replica of his sculpure “Homenaje a Jorge Luis Borges” to honor the writer with an intervention.


Jury at the Annual Living Art of the Stock Market 2009. Bahia Blanca, Argentina.


Works :


  • Sculpture of Saint Joseph. (3,6 feet tall). Placed at Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Carlos Paz, Córdoba.
  • Sculpture of Saint Joseph and baby Jesus, order by the Opus Dei in Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • Bronze Sculpture of Ricardo Bochini (6,5 feet tall), located at Independiente Athletic Club from Avellaneda, Buenos. Aires. Argentina
  • Bronze Sculpture of Diego Armando Maradona (9 feet tall). Located at Mundial Futbol Club from Bahia Blanca, AR
  • Sculpture of Juan Domingo Perón and Omar Torrijos located at Plaza Argentina, Omar Torrijos Mausoleum, Panamá city
  • Monument to Mercedes Sosa (10,4 feet tall) located at La Plata. Winner of the National contest organized by the Cultural Institute of Buenos Aires. Inaugurated on April 2010 by the governor Daniel Scioli.
  • Monument to Eva Perón (10,17 feet tall) located at Los Toldos. (cultural Institute of Buenos Aires)
  • Monument to Astor Piazzolla ,urban sculpture was inaugurated in the IV Congreso Iberoamericano de Cultura | Mar del Plata 2011 by request of the secretariat of culture of the Nation, the cultural institute of Buenos Aires and the Intendency of Mar del Plata


In 2011 Carlos Benavidez opened his own casting workshop named “Donatello”




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