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Bruce Wolfe



Bruce Wolfe’s career in sculpture spans forty years of receiving commissions to do busts and figurative portraits of many notable personalities. He is adept in both oils and clay and has taught figure painting as well as sculpture in several of his native Northern California art schools.


His sculptural works and commissions are numerous and include:


  • Spring 2009, an 8’4” standing sculpture of Barbara Jordan was unveiled at the University of Texas in Austin. It is surrounded by granite stalae on which quotes from her speeches are carved. Ms. Jordan was a much-loved teacher at the University in her post-political life.

  • A 5’8” seated figure of Margaret Thatcher was unveiled at Hillsdale University in Michigan. Mr. Wolfe had the great privilege of meeting Mrs. Thatcher for photographs and measurements, before sculpting the bronze statue.

  • A 9’ illuminated sculpture of former Mayor Illus Davis of Kansas City, Missouri. The standing bronze figure is located in the Civic Center Park between the Mayor’s office and the Justice Department.

  • The Old Mission in Santa Barbara, California has four 7’ figures done by Mr. Wolfe in their historic chapel niches; St. Clare, St. Francis, Christ and Mary Magdalene.

  • Mr. Wolfe has two sculptures at Michigan State University, three at Stanford University; former Secretary of State, George Shultz, Norman Shumway, the heart transplant pioneer and former Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist.

  • St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California, has a heroic sized bronze figure of John Baptist De La Salle as the centerpiece of the college. On campus are also bronze portraits, sculptures, and paintings by Bruce Wolfe.

  • The San Francisco Opera House has two bas-reliefs done in bronze of former Opera directors Kurt Adler and Lotfi Mansouri. The New Asian Art Museum also has a bronze portrait bust done by Mr. Wolfe.

  • Currently he is working on a large statue of Lamar Hunt for the Kansas City Chiefs stadium.