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Alicia Ponzio




Alicia Nicole Ponzio (b.1974) is a figurative sculptress working primarily in bronze. Originally from the United States, she completed her sculpture training in Florence, Italy at the Florence Academy of Art (FAA) in 2008. She was then Director of Artistic Anatomy and Écorché Sculpture programs, as well as a figure drawing instructor at the same school for 3 years before returning to the United States (San Francisco, CA) in July of 2011.


Alicia brings life to her bronzes, using the language of the figure to speak of emotional experiences. In Florence, Italy, she sought an education in the figure, immersed in the aesthetic of the Renaissance and Classical. She’s drawn to subject matter that’s empathic and timeless. Recently, her work has been recognized by several international organizations, including the Portrait Society of America, the Society of Portrait Sculptors, and The Art Renewal Center.



In San Francisco, Alicia is continuing to develop her work and teaching courses in figure modeling. Her recent bronzes can be seen at Galerie Michael in Beverly Hills, CA.



To me a portrait is (or strives to be) a sort of visual poem about a person: a single gesture that describes the experience of knowing the person. The portrait sculpture in some ways lives and breathes. It can take on new meaning when it’s viewed under different lighting or in a new environment.



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