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Shangxi Zhu



Shangxi Zhu is a professional portrait sculptor living in Beijing. He graduated from the sculpture department of the Central Academy of Fine art in Beijing, and had recieved his M.A. in 1991. Since his tutor, Zeng Zhushao, studied figurative sculpture in Paris during 1930s, Shangxi Zhu’s sculpture art is influenced by Rodin and Bourdelle. In addition, he also loves to take nourishment from Chinese traditional sculpture, which has lasted for thousands of years. That makes shangxi’s work not only being special nature of sculpture, such as energy, life and power, but also showing oriental harmonious.


Shangxi has set up several portrait sculpture monuments in open air in some cities in China, and has a good reputation. Now Shangxi Zhu is a professor teaching at the Sculpture Department in Sichuan Academy of Fine Art, in Chongqing city.


My thoughts on portraiture:


In china, portrait artists say: "A good portrait must combine spirit and form together." But I want to define the word “spirit” more clearly: the spirit refers to not only the person you are molding, but the artist himself. In other words, without the artist's personal pursuing in portrait, the piece is not a good piece, no matter how much it looks like people you are sculpting.



Chair of The Sculpture Professional Committee of China,
Committee member of Sculpture-art Committee of Chinese Artists Association ,
Committee member of The China Sculpture Institute,
Elected member of NSS