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Auguste Rodin 1840-1917

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Auguste Rodin was a pivotal figure in Western sculpture who some believe to be the father of modern sculpture. He departed from the cool refinement of classical works and developed a naturalism with exceptional movement and emotional inner life . While striving for anatomical accuracy, he utilized the structure and surfaces to carry the viewers eye across the entire sculpture . His work was both successful and controversial during his career.


Perhaps better known for "The Gates of Hell" , "Balzac", "The Kiss", and "The Burghers of Calais"  he was also a prolific portrait sculptor who portrayed subjects from his personal life and international people of note, largely from France. One can observe his influence in the works of future sculptors from various areas. Malvina Hoffman, another featured sculptor onsite, traveled to France to study with the "Master" before returning to America.



Another connection to the "Americas" is the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia. Theater Magnate Jules Mastbaum , a collector of Rodin works and documents, provided that the collection be donated to the city. Further, he commissioned French architects to design the museum in the image of Rodin's property in Meudon, France. He died before the project was completed. However, Mrs. Mastbaum completed the project, and one can step back in time to study the "Masters" work in his own environment.