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Karen Newman, British Portrait Sculptor

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Karen Newman is one of the foremost portrait sculptors in Britain today. She has developed a very personal approach, a masterful handling of hair and surface modelling,resulting in lively portraiture with a strong presence.


Stuart Williamson


I have worked for many years from photographs as well as from life. What I have tried to put into each work, is to infuse it with the feeling that that person gives me, whether it's by the interaction of live sittings, or from what I absorb about them from photos and research. I think about the anatomy and try to consider the underlying bone structure, the way the flesh feels and the weight of how it sits. It is important to me to find a balance of the elements that make strong portrait sculpture, including surface marks, and fortuitous accident. As the work draws to a close, I am continually pulling up each aspect of the content I want until I have a balance.

Karen Newman

Member of the Royal British Sociaty of Sculptors
The Society of Portrait Sculptors UK