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Oscar Nemon (born Oscar Neumann; 13 March 1906 - 13 April 1985) was a Yugoslavian sculptor born into a close Jewish family in Osijek,Croatia,
After a short period studying in Paris, he moved to Brussels in 1925 to study at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts, where he won a gold medal for his sculpture.


Brussels became his home until 1939; he shared a house there with the painter René Magritte for much of the 1930s. Concerned at the approaching threat of Nazi Germany, he escaped to England shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War. Most of his family remained in Europe and died in the Holocaust. He abandoned over a decade of work in progress in his studio.


After the war, he made sculptures of a spectacular list of high-profile figures.
Among them Queen Elizabeth 2nd and the Queen Mother, Earl Mountbatten of Burma, and many studies and versions of Winston Churchill.
His technique depended on modelling from life directly in clay, quickly making many small studies with no preliminary drawings. He produced works in clay (often fired into terracotta), plaster, and stone, but most of his finished works were cast bronze.


A seated statue of Sigmund Freud by Oscar Nemon is now in a prominent position on Fitzjohn's Avenue, Hampstead, London outside the Tavistock Clinic.


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Oscar Nemon's Pleasant Land Studios is to be opened to the public
(For further information please email alice@oscarnemon.org.uk)