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Charles Keck Portrait Sculptor

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Charles Keck (September 9, 1875 - April 23, 1951) was an American sculptor, born in New York City. He trained with leading American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens and studied at the National Academy of Design.


He later won the Rinehart Scholarship, allowing him to attend the American Academy in Rome from 1901 to 1905. In a long and active career, Keck produced many sculptures and architectural reliefs, now on view from upstate New York to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Working out of a New York City studio, he created several heroic statues of Abraham Lincoln; an equestrian statue of Stonewall Jackson now in Charlottesville, Virginia; and various busts and statues of politicians, generals, and other notable individuals.


His Lewis and Clark group, also in Charlottesville, is considered one of his greatest monuments. The National Statuary Hall Collection in the Capitol contains his bust of Harry S Truman, Keck's full-length statues of North Carolina's Charles B. Aycock and Louisiana's Huey P. Long.
Information: The United States Senate