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About PSSA

The Portrait Sculptors Society of the Americas strives to be a resource for the sculptor, the student of sculpture, educator, friend, and patron. Several classes of membership will have privledges that are tailored to your role in the portrait sculpture community.




  • Provide a unified public interface for professional, recreational, and student portrait and figurative sculptors in the Americas.
  • Provide web-accessible information about individual portrait sculptors in the form of biographies and portfolio pages.
  • Provide online educational resources about commissioning portrait sculpture.
  • Provide online educational resources about making portrait sculpture.
  • Provide online information about the history of portrait sculpture.
  • Provide information about the commission process for those considering having a sculpture made.



Original Co-Founders of the Society, established in 2010 include:
Stuart Williamson, Blake Ketchum, and Heidi Maiers


On board as of August 2011: Joel Levinson




Feature Image

Selma Burke. American Sculptor (1900-1995)

Membership Classes

Information about joining the PSSA


Professional (p.pssa)

The Professional member is actively showing their work in galleries or is completing commissions for figurative sculpture.



Educator (e.PSSA)

The Educator member teaches figurative sculpture as a part of their curriculum at a university, college, K-12 school, or local arts organization.


Youth (y.pssa)

The Youth member is under the age of 18.


Friend of the PSSA (f.pssa)

The Friend of the PSSA believes that our mission is important and would like to support our efforts through membership.



Affiliate (Af.pssa)

The Affiliate member is a welcome part of the portrait sculpture community and is an artist currently pursuing sculpture where it is felt that their approach or style does not fit with the main objective and thrust of this organization.


International (I.pssa)

International artists, educators, and friends are welcome as members in full standing.